We see website promotion as implementation the strategy of effective website operation according to its business needs. We tend to keep website development and promotion together because:

  • — good sites are self-promoting;
  • — promotion = progress;
  • — effective promotion = effective content.

The main promotion tools are:

  • — search engine optimization (SEO): optimization for capturing free targeted traffic from search engines;
  • — context: effective advertisement is a flexible tool to get paid thematic traffic;
  • — newsletter: great tool for interaction with existing website audience;
  • — social media marketing (SMM): promotion through social networks.

The main factor affecting the efficiency of these four is a properly designed, usable and nice website. In severe competition, the winner is the one who offers the best product and a small goodie. Sometimes promotion strategy is not given due consideration at the period of website development. The main reason for that is usually a lack of funds or reluctance to invest additional money into the promotion and optimization. In most cases this leads to necessity of changes, re-arrangements and sometimes even to create a new website from scratch.

Anyways, website promotion is a package of measures that needs to be planned before the first line of the code is typed. Creation of a website without promotion strategy is similar to house building without production drawings.